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Considerations for choosing eyeglasses frames style

Generally speaking, eyeglass frames always come in three basic styles, including full frames, semi-frames and rimless ones. In order to attract more people’s attention, the manufactures add a lot of special designs on them to make these eyeglasses frames more fashionable and beautiful.

Many people might have the wrong viewpoint that almost all of the eyeglasses frames can be processed with various prescriptions. So when they choose the frame for their prescription glasses, they always emphasize more on the fashion and style of the frame instead of paying attention to the prescription. On the contrary, prescription should be considered as an important factor for choosing the style of the prescription eyeglasses frames. Here we would like to site some examples for your reference.

Firstly, if you have a quite imbalanced prescription such as (Spherical +6.50 for the right eye and +2.50 for the left eye), you are not advised to choose rimless frames since the discrepancy of the lens thickness will be quite obvious which will make the glasses look ugly due to the special structure of the rimless frames. So concerning such prescription, the full rim frame should be the best choice for your prescription glasses. Secondly, if you have a low prescription for presbyopia (the lenses for such prescription eyeglasses are thick in the center and the wider it goes to the edge, the thinner it would be), you’d better not choose the half rim frames which always need a filament to be put in the required groove to help holding the lenses in the frame. But if your prescription is very low, the lenses corresponding to the prescription will have too thin an edge to put the required groove in. Thirdly, if you have a strong nearsightedness prescription (such as -10.00 for both eyes), the frames with smaller lens width will make your prescription glasses look a bit thinner. Fourthly, if you have a strong astigmatism correction for your prescription glasses, you should avoid to choosing the frames with strong curvature since such frame design will cause distortion and make you feel uncomfortable if processed with high astigmatism prescription.

Apart from the above examples, you may also ask for the doctor’s advice. And if you want to buy your prescription glasses online, you can just refer to the online customer service support, they will give you professional advice to make sure the prescription glasses you choose can best suit for you.