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How to choose eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are the most important complement in our face. A pair of good eyeglasses can totally change our images, and makes the wearer looks younger and more decent. Though there are a large variety of eyeglasses in the market, it needs much time and great patience to find a pair of pretty and comfortable one. To choose good eyeglasses, we need to know ourselves better, and gain enough knowledge about eyeglasses. Here I would like to say something about how to choose eyeglasses.

First, good lenses determine good eyeglasses. Lenses are the most important factor of a pair of eyeglasses. At present, lenses can be broadly divided into three kinds according to materials: optical glass lens, resin lens, and PC lens. Lenses made of optical glass are cheap and anti-friction; resin and PC lenses are light in weight and impact-resist, especially suit children and those who love doing sports.

Second, the lighter, the better the frame is. As instruments that have to stay on our nose for a long time, the important factor we should take into consideration is the weight. A pair of good eyeglasses should be light. No matter what kind of material the frame is made, those that have least of weight are better choices. They would make you feel more at ease. If your skin is sensitive to metal, you can choose plastic frames instead.

Third, choose the shapes and styles of eyeglasses according to your face type, skin color, occupation and personality. Good eyeglasses should be in harmony with the characteristics of the wearers. Do not follow the fashion blindly. Recently, eyeglasses with big and bold frames are fashionable, but they only suit people who have suitable appearance features, such as small face type. If your face is a little big, this kind of frame would only exaggerate your face.

At last, remember to replace your eyeglasses regularly. Our eyesight is changing all the time and the frame may easily become distorted by constantly putting on and off. To protect our eyesight, we should buy new eyeglasses at least every two years.

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