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My father’s story about mens glasses

Father is a middle-aged man but he concerns about what is fashionable like a young person. He shows great interest in studying the latest trend of fashion and often reads some fashion magazines to gain related information. It seems to be his hobby to collect those novel things. In my memory, there is a pair of men’s glasses in his case which is kept well by father for many years. I am curious about the story of the glasses but I don’t find any chances to talk with father about this topic. In recent years, I find that father still pursues fashion glasses no matter when he goes to another country or city on a business trip or just when he searches the Internet in his spare time. Both traditional purchase method and online shopping can meet his needs perfectly. But gradually, he has a preference for online shopping because he tells me that the discount glasses of great quality cost less. In addition, there are many types of glasses online for him to make a careful choice. Talking with the service personnel and exchanging ideas make father satisfied. Through this, he has ordered several pairs of glasses, some of which are for his friends as a special gift on important dates and some of which are for him to collect.

At the very beginning, I don’t understand why father likes collecting such useless things wholeheartedly. But later, I know it is just a kind of interest. He wants to try different types of glasses to show his personalities. To choose glasses, he has his own taste. But he is willing to share ideas with others and gets useful information to catch up with the date. According to his own experience, he thinks that every glasses wearer needs to find a right one to match his own facial features. But more than often, we are seeking new trend of glasses.

On the site of, there are enough varieties of glasses for consumers to choose. Moreover, the considerate service online can best serve potential customers to answer their questions. So it is a good shopping place for us to make purchase. He focuses on men’s glasses and often browses page sites leisurely. He tells me that the reason why he enjoys online shopping is due to trust. He recommends this store to his friends and colleagues. He hopes that everyone can get a suitable one.