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My prescription glasses shopping experiences

When I was 14 years old my eyes became near-sighted and had to wear eyeglasses. From then on, I have changed several pair of eyeglasses to suit my daily weaker eyesight. I can not stop my vision becoming weaker, so I have to keep replacing eyeglasses in order to adjust to my eyesight.

My first pair of eyeglasses was a frameless one with slim pink frame legs, I clearly remember it. I bought it in a local professional optical store. At that time I knew nothing about prescription glasses, so did my parents. We spent a whole afternoon there, choosing, comparing, and consulting with the shop assistant whose attitude was not so friendly. At last, we finally bought that pair which cost me more than $100; the price was a little bit high to me. And the most inconvenient thing is that we had to fetch it the other day, for the store could not offer it immediately.

Perhaps about one and a half years later, that pair of prescription glasses could not suit my eyesight any more, and I went to another local store to buy a new pair. My parents and I experienced almost the same inconvenient thing as my former eyeglasses filling experience: spare a whole afternoon hanging about from store to store, choosing and selecting, and then wait for a day to get it. And the price of my second pair of eyeglasses was even higher than the first one. Not the highest ones in the shop, rather, they belong to the middle class.

While, thanks to my friend’s suggestion, my third and fourth pair of eyeglasses buying experience was wonderful: I bought them online. E-commerce–this new kind of business mode really boasts a lot of advantages over the traditional means of shopping. With e-commerce, I no longer need to go to local stores in person, which is both time-consuming and energy-requiring. I just searched the webpage and a lot of online optical stores came into my eyes, a website caught my attention for it serves stylish and various eyeglasses at extremely low prices. I visited this store, and at first I did not know how to shopping online, the online assistant told me the instructions patiently and friendly answered me a lot of questions. About half an hour later I chose my favorite one and made the order. I received the goods only two days later, and I really felt satisfied with its quality and excellent service. I must say, the quality of these eyeglasses I bought online were as good as, if not better than those I bought in local stores, while the prices, almost 70% lower!

I strongly recommend online eyeglasses shopping and this online optical shop to you, I am sure you will get the same feeling with me.