Cheap Eyeglasses

OH! Cheap Glasses!

Some days ago, when I was surfing the Internet, I ran into an excellent online shop that specially sell eyeglasses and have a promotion campaign the whole December. I clicked the website and found various kinds of cheap and high-quality eyeglasses in it. For example, they have prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, rimless glasses, rimless sunglasses, bifocal glasses, fashion glasses, kid glasses, kid sunglasses and so on. The amazing place is Next, I will introduce the glasses one by one.

First one is the sunglass. Sunglasses, also known as “dark glasses”, are especially designed to protect the eyes from harmful light, the most common use is to avoid being hurt by the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. It is recoded that the first who use sunglasses are people from China in the Song Dynasty.

Second kind is glasses for people who suffer from myopia. This kind of eyeglass uses a piece of concave mirror as the glass. The light is exhaled by the concave mirror and then refracted by the eyes; as a result, the reflection of the things far away can be cast on the retina and enable people to see things clearly.

Third kind is glasses for people who suffer from farsightedness. This kind of glasses uses a piece of convex mirror as the glass. The parallel light is converged by the convex mirror and then refracted by the eyes. And of course, the reflection will be clearly cast on the retina and people won’t suffer from farsightedness.

There is another kind of people who suffer from astigmatism. Their degrees may not be so high, however, they still can’t see things clearly. Especially when they are having an eyesight test, some of them are even not able to see the biggest letter on the top of the letter list. Thus, they need glasses that have both degrees and axial which are usually made by convex columnar mirror. This kind of glasses will enable people to see clearly through a complex process of refraction, throw back and adjustment.

So have you decided what kind of glasses to buy? If you buy glasses just for a fashionable look, you only need to pay attention to the style, the color and the material of it. If you have some problems with your eyes, choose the right glasses according to your own situation. In a word, whatever kind of glasses you want, the store has already prepared for you. So come to visit the website!