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What’s new For This Christmas? Buying Prescription Eyeglasses Online

What are you most interested in for this Christmas? The visit of Santa Claus, the gifts that might be put under the Christmas tree and the sockings under your pillow, a grand dinner of your favorite dishes, or an extraordinary snow shower of feathery flakes? As for me, nothing is more exciting than the arrival of my newly bought eyeglasses online. Don’t be jealous, dear friends, for I am generous enough to share the whole story of how I got it with you.

Just as curious as any other child is, I am very looking forward to the Christmas of this year. The other day, when I tossed and turned in bed, wondering what gifts Father Christmas would send to me, I overheard some noises in the next room. Who would it be at such a deadly hour? Quietly I slipped out of my bed and tiptoed to the door. Is it a theif, or … ? Santa Claus! Yes! Who else could it be of an old man wearing long beard and dressed in red clothes? Up I dashed to him and hugged tightly upon his round belly. “Did you bring a new pair of eyeglasses for me?”I gazed firmly upon his face which seemed to me quite familiar. “Darling, didn’t you finish yet? Let me see if the dress fit.” Across the hallway came my mother’s voice. Everything is now clear. The tale of Santa Claus is nakedly above board.

I admit that at first I was mad with this fact, after all, it has disillusioned all my past fantasies. However, on hearing that my parents were trying to make compensations, I was again in full spirit. They whispered for a little while, and told me that they would took me to some place different from before to buy the eyeglasses. Instead of going outside, they started the computer and said I could complete the whole buying process simply on the Internet. That sounds exciting. Previously I have always been wondering how my mother got things delivered to our door by operating on the Internet. Finally they are going to introduce this new world to me!

“Mum, I want a new pair of prescription glasses. A very cool one!” I exclaimed. Recalling how my deskmate laughed at my funny eyeglasses, I decided to buy new eyeglasses online and he would definitely admire mine. The eyeglasses online are really cool! My mother helped me to find a good online optical store, and guided me with the buying process. With so many colorful glasses online, I really didn’t know which one to choose. Every pair seems very attractive to me. Finally mother helped to choose a yellowish plastic one. I noticed that the web site is holding Christmas promotion activity just as the supermarkets do. Mother told me that it was much cheaper to buy things on the Internet, and discounts could hardly be expected in a retail optical store. Within a few minutes, I completed the ordering process under my mother’s guidance.

How exciting! I can’t wait to see my new pair of prescription eyeglasses online. This is the most impressive Christmas ever, and the gift is worth expecting. Oh, friends, I will remember the first eyeglasses online shop I visited forever.